5Paisa Share Price-Prediction And Live Update(2022)

5Paisa share price live update is shown on the above chart. It is one of the best stock trading platforms in India. It’s easy to use and can be operated smoothly by both beginners and experts. The platform provides you with 0% brokerage, but a minimal cost of Rs20 per order.

5paisa Share Price : Prediction

5paisa share price is shown in the chart

We will be using RSI, Fibonacci Retracement, and Moving Average for predicting the price. The above chart is the daily time frame.

The global market indices show a negative market today except for NASDAQ and a few others with a 2.5% rise today. The overall scenario seems to be bearish, so buying is not a good option right now. Short sellers can take the position from the Rs375-Rs380 area if the market shows any bearish signals.

Observing the Moving Average 100 the stock of NSE 5paisa is facing consistent resistance, marked by blue arrows in the above chart.  Moving averages are widely used worldwide to take trades but there are a few MA that is preferred the most depending on the time frames or behavior of the stocks. These are MA200, MA50, and MA100.

Let us see what Fibonacci Retracement indicates in the chart. On following the stock trend it faces a continuous rejection from the 0.618 level. This level is considered the golden zone by many traders worldwide and they take this into account. So, Fib levels are also indicating bearish signals.

The relative Strength Index(RSI) is also not showing any momentum in the stock for an uptrend. In Technical Analysis the preferable range for a stock is between 40 and 60. If the stock takes support at 60 the stock is said to have momentum and the stock is expected to move in an uptrend. In the same way, if the stock falls below 40 it turns into a downtrend or is expected to move sideways. In the chart shown above the stock is continuously taking resistance at 40-50 levels indicating a further downtrend. 

5paisa Share Price Prediction conclusion

With the confluence of all the technical indicators and the overall global market scenario, it is concluded that the market has no signals of an uptrend as of now and the bearish trend might continue for some time.

If you ask me at what price should we buy the NSE 5paisa shares, I would recommend you to look for levels around Rs240. The reason for that is it acted as support and resistance many times before and the market runs over psychology.

Note: The above conclusion is based on Technical Analysis and any losses or profit using our viewpoints is completely irrelevant and cryptotrademantra is not responsible for it.

Know About 5paisa, reviews in this video

Let us see what 5paisa has to say about its online trading-

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