Blockchain Developers- You will be surprised to know about their salary, 2022

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what is a blockchain developer?

Well, you must be thinking, are Blockchain Developers different from web developers. Yes, they are different and if you want to know it in detail, read below para.

Blockchain developers generally consist of three types namely back-end developers, front-end developers, and full-stack developers.

Back-end developers who develop blockchain architecture, do coding and verify the code works. Being a blockchain developer is a tough thing because they need to follow and work under blockchain protocols. they also have to look at the security of the blockchain system. We can say they are responsible for building the foundation of the system.

Front-end developers are those who work upon this blockchain architecture to develop daaps, and web varieties.

Full-stack developers are those who work for both the parts mentioned above. These are generally hired by small businesses

Well you must be thinking about what kind of programming language is required to write codes for blockchain, but don’t think much, the programming language remains the same such as javaScript, C++, python, etc. In addition, a blockchain developer must have knowledge of blockchain technology, cryptography, knowledge of smart contracts, and blockchain security protocols.

Web developer's types and their work

There are four types of developers and their work is mainly to design.

 The back-end developer’s work is to design a website structure, write codes for it and verify code works. They are also responsible for the access points for the user who wants to make changes to the website.

The front-end developer’s work is generally on the visual aspects of a website or we can say they are responsible for the web-user interface experience. They make use of website structure built by back-end developers. The programming languages they use are JavaScript and HTML.

Full-stake developers are those who can perform both sides of the work and are required by small companies.

Webmasters are generally called the managers who are responsible for the website links and applications that work on a web page.

A blockchain developer writing codes for the system

What is a blockchain developer's salary?

A blockchain developer’s salary depends on various factors like experience, job location, and the company. The average salary of blockchain developers in India is 7-10LPA which is 50-100% more salary than an ordinary developer. The demand for a blockchain developer is increasing at the rate of approx. 2000 times per year.

The average salary of a blockchain developer in the USA is 50-60 LPA. The salary increment depends on the level of expertise, and the experience of a particular domain like the financial sector or payment systems.

What skills do you need to become a blockchain developer?

The required skills are-

Thorough knowledge of blockchain technology– Blockchain technology is known for its security, transparency, and decentralization. One must know how the Ethereum blockchain works and how the Polygon blockchain works, in other words, versatility in the field is very essential, although the Ethereum blockchain is the most reliable.

Programming is one of the important aspects of becoming a developer. Generally used programming languages in blockchain technology are C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Rabi, Solidity, Golang, etc.

Cryptography is referred to as making techniques that are hard to break. So a third party cannot break the codes and the data sent between the two remains confidential. We can say cryptography is a technique to make each transaction more secure.

Smart contracts are contracts that are made up of agreements between two parties that run automatically once it is deployed. This is the most powerful feature of blockchain in comparison to normal databases.


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