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Overview of Digital Marketing Training and Internship program:

Our digital marketing training and internship program is one of the best digital marketing courses on online platforms where you learn to work on online marketing channels and get an internship and placement opportunity.

Features & Benefits

Why you should choose our Digital marketing training and certification course?

Our digital marketing course provides you lifetime access and flexible studying hours which will help you easy learning. You can access it 24*7. 

You will get mentorship from industry experts over your assignments which will keep you aligned with the corporate-level working experience.

Our digital marketing certificate and internship will help you find a job after the completion of the course.

Things you learn in our digital marketing training and certification course

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMM

What is digital marketing course?

Digital marketing is simply an online way of marketing. In a digital marketing course, you learn about all the online marketing platforms, such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. The best thing in digital marketing is that you can track your performance and accordingly switch your strategies which you cannot do in traditional marketing. It is also a much cheaper form of advertising. 

If you wanna rank your website on google you need SEO, If you want to take your business online and sell your products there, you need an E-commerce website. A digital marketing course provides you with a detailed understanding to clear all these hurdles.

Digital marketing training and certification batch

What is the importance of digital marketing training and certification program:

The real importance of digital marketing was better felt during the lockdown in COVID-19. This was the time when people lost their jobs and businesses were shut down. 

The world is shifting online these days from ordering food to booking a movie ticket. Almost every person now has a smartphone and data is collected online, so there is an increasing demand for digital marketers.

So, “work from home” has now become a trend. 

the increasing demand of digital marketing course from 2015 to 2023

Why do you need a digital marketing certificate?

There is a need for digital marketing certificates for various reasons. First of all, It will help you find a job in any company where required. It shows your credibility and the level of work you can outperform.

Every institute of digital marketing course provides you with a certificate, but it is very important from where you have pursued your course. A certificate is a hallmark of your approval as a digital marketer. It can increase your market value, can open a wide range of options, and will help you increase your salary.

Google also provides you with certification in their “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course.

what are the eligibility criteria for digital marketing course?

Digital marketing these days does not only consist of only updating your content or regular social media posts but instead a complete strategy from awareness to the conversion stage and putting efforts to achieve the best ROI.

The only eligibility criteria you require is that you must be at least a graduate of any recognized university in any discipline. Some advanced courses require an MBA but generally, most courses do not require any work experience.

Best online Digital marketing course:

Skills you learn in digital marketing course

1. Website Designing

If you are thinking of coding to design a website, then you are wrong, because WordPress is a CMS where you can design your website by just drag and dropping. Website design is very important for users’ experience. You can earn through website designing as a freelancer or by providing services to your local vendors who want a website for their business.

2. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Here you optimize your website according to the Google algorithm to rank it in the number 1 position on the Search Engine Result Page. SEO consists of three types-

a. ON-PAGE SEO- In this, you optimize your website and work within the website to make it SEO friendly.

b. OFF-PAGE SEO- This is a process of getting backlinks from other websites to increase your ranking on SERP. 

c. TECHNICAL SEO- This part is usually related to the technical part like speed of the website, removing broken links, etc.

SEO is a long process but the most effective and cheapest way to get organic traffic.

3. SEM

Search Engine Marketing is also called PPC(pay per click). It is done to increase the visibility of the website in the SERPs( search engine result pages). It consists of strategic bidding on keywords to show ads for your website on the 1st page of SERP. The ads are run through Google ads.

4. SMO

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. And as the name suggests it is optimization on the social media platform to build the brand of your company. And if we run ads on these platforms we call it SMM(social media marketing). You can run ads on Facebook, and Instagram. About 1.92 billion users are there on Facebook as of Jan 2022. We can show them ads depending on their interest, demographics, gender, etc. Social media platforms you learn here are- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

5. E-mail marketing

Email marketing is generally used for retargeting. It is the process of sending your existing user a new product suggestion and its benefits. This type of marketing is used to target a HOT AUDIENCE which is more of narrow targeting. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing.

6.Content Marketing

Content marketing as the name suggest is marketing through the use of Educational articles, e-books, videos, infographics, and webinars. This type of marketing is usually done to keep in touch with your existing customers, brand building, and brand awareness. Basically recurring purchasing opportunities are build with the help of content marketing.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the demanding course these days and therefore, most digital marketing courses include this in their syllabus. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy through which you earn commissions  for selling other’s product. 

8. Web Analytics

Web analytics is used to track the behavior of users visiting the website. This is done using a web analytics tool called Google Analytics.

Digital marketing certificate with testbook

Digital marketing certificate for content writing foundation course

This is what a digital marketing certificate looks like in a digital marketing course provided by the testbook. There is a step-by-step process to get the certificate. You have to clear a certification test at the end of the course and have to submit the assigned project. You will get your certificate after your project work gets verified and passed by your mentors. In the digital marketing certification test, you have to score a minimum of 60% marks to clear the test. If you fail to pass the exam you have a chance to reattempt it the next time test is scheduled. 

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