How to buy nfts in India? Explained in detail.

How to buy NFTs in India is a hot topic these days. Everyone is talking about the “million-dollar valuation of NFT artwork,” which is driving the attention of millions to buy nfts. And why not, recently Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, sold his first tweet for more than $2.9 million.

how to buy nfts in India
NFT of tweet - by Jack Dorsey

NFTs can be created from artwork, music, video clips, etc. This new technology has created an environment where artists and creators can directly interact with buyers. NFTs rely on blockchain technology so tokenizing artwork creates a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers.

Step by step process of- How to buy NFTs in India:-

1. First of all, you need a digital wallet to store cryptocurrencies and perform any transactions. You can create a digital wallet with MetamaskBinancecoindeskVenlyTrustwallet, or Authereum.

2. You now connect your wallet with the marketplace where you can make a purchase or sell an NFT. Some of the well-known marketplaces are OpenSearariblecryptopunks and many more.

3. Now, explore the marketplace and choose the desired NFT. Most of the marketplaces use a bidding strategy so, you have to place a bid rather than a direct purchase.

Is it worth buying nfts?

how to Buy NFTs in India- A picture from Opensea
Strawhats_Crew- OpenSea

NFTs are considered the future of technology because of the security, tokenization, and transparency the technology offers. Creators get their true value, sole ownership, and royalties from NFTs.

The sudden wealth showering overnight on NFTs is inspiring people to create their own NFTs and participate in the bidding, hoping to become millionaires overnight. Such NFTs can be paintings, music clips, videos, or tweets.

How to Buy NFTs in India- some popular Nfts

Bored ape yatch-How to buy nfts
1. Bored Ape yacht club- OpenSea 584 NFTs sold in the last 7 days with highest bid of $499,455
how to buy nfts in India- OpenSea
2. 62 pieces sold in the last 7 days with the highest price of $23,799,920
how to buy nfts in India- OpenSea
3. 1182 pieces sold with the highest price of $39662
How To Buy nfts in India- OpenSea
4. 3338 pieces were sold and the, highest price was $159226.
How to buy nfts- OpenSea
5. 260,035 pieces sold with the highest price of $81,925

As an alternative to acting with blind faith, I suggest that you study the topic in detail and discover the proper and best approach. Learn how to build NFTs, how to catch the trend, how to invest, and how to market your products.

Here is the list of platforms that teaches you to build your career in this sector- A proper guide on “how to buy NFTs in India”.






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