What is Spot Trading? Top 4 Spot Trading Apps.

Spot trading is an instrument, provided by top crypto exchanges or brokers, that allows you to buy and sell digital assets at market price.

 You can trade the spot market, likewise called the money or undated market, by means of subsidiaries like CFDs. You don’t need to take possession or conveyance of the resources, and you’ll profit from a constant, consistent evaluation that mirrors the basic market. Furthermore, you can open a position utilizing a store (edge), which builds your openness to the market, possibly prompting amplified benefits. Nonetheless, this can likewise prompt enhanced misfortunes

Spot Trading Meaning

Spot trading is an option given by top crypto exchanges and brokers in their trading platform, which allows traders to buy or sell any financial instrument, foreign currency, commodity, and digital assets like cryptocurrencies. This method of trading is generally done by “Day Traders” who close their position on the same day. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to close your position the same day.

Spot trading interface in wazirx

In this trading method, orders are settled at an immediate price offered by the buyers and sellers. In a highly liquid market, the price of financial instruments changes every second. So, you might get your order at a little higher or lower price than the real-time price of the instrument.

What is Spot Trading in crypto?

Spot Trading in crypto is not different from any other trading platforms, like 5paisa, Upstocks, etc. This trading method has different features depending on the services given by different trading platforms.

In any stock market or a crypto exchange, can you Short-sell in spot trading? this is a question in everyone’s mind. Generally, in any financial instrument, you only get options to go Long. This means you only have one way of earning which is you can only take a profitable trade if the price of the asset rises. But, if you trade derivatives, you have the option to trade and earn a profit, even when the price of the asset is falling.

Spot Trading has certain advantages over other instruments and derivatives which come with a certain expiry date. You should necessarily close your position within the expiry date while in spot trading you can close the deal as per your choice.

Spot trading is more transparent where the orders are executed at the same time.

List of top 4 apps that give you spot trading features in cryptocurrency

One of the top crypto spot trading platform


WazirX is one of the top crypto exchanges used in India which provides you with Spot trading features. It allows you to trade in all top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BTT, and many more with INR in exchange. The order is settled immediately, unlike other trading platforms like UpStocks, 5paisa, and Zerodha which give delivery of assets within 1-2 working days.

Binance spot trading platform


Binance is one of the largest crypto exchange platforms in the world in terms of its daily trading volume. It has its own cryptocurrency called BNB(Binance Coin), which is used in trading various cryptocurrency pairs. It provides you with multiple trading options like Spot Trading, Swap Farming, Vanilla Options, Perpetual or Quarterly Contracts settled in USDT, BUSD, or other cryptocurrencies.
Spot trading exchange platform called Coin DCX Pro

Coin DCX Pro

Coin Dcx Pro is the most valued crypto-investment app with more than 1.3 Cr users. Like WazirX it also facilitates to buying or selling of cryptocurrencies in exchange for Indian currency i.e Rupees. It provides trading instruments like Spot, Margin, and futures. Other options like lending your money to get annual interest and Staking in cryptocurrencies to earn passive income are also facilitated.



OKX formerly known as OKEx is one of the largest spots and derivatives trading platforms in the world. For a beginner, this app is best, because it allows you to start trading with a minimum of Rs500. It facilitates you to trade on various derivatives as well with the minimum cost and trading fees. The instrument provides you to trade in Spot, Margin, Perpetual, and Options.

Even the transfer fee using Tron Blockchain(TRC) is the cheapest.

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