Squid Game Crypto Price (Latest Update), 2022

The Squid Game Crypto price today is $0.0179936 USD with a 24-hour exchanging volume of $480,529 USD. We update our SQUID to USD price daily. Squid Game is down 6.45% as of now. The ongoing CoinMarketCap positioning is #3300, with a live market cap of not accessible. The circling supply isn’t accessible and a maximum. supply of 800,000,000 SQUID coins.

The Squid Crypto(SQUID) can be traded on exchange platforms like PancakeSwap(v2), and Gate.io. The following trading pairs are available in the market- SQUD/USD, SQUID/CAD, SQUID/INR, SQUID/PHP, SQUID/EURO, and SQUID/IDR.

Squid Game Crypto Price in India this week-

The Squid game crypto price of last week is shown in the chart above

What is Squid Crypto or Squid game Crypto?

cryptocurrency propelled by the well-known South Korean Netflix series Squid Game on November 1, 2021, turned into the most hybrid digital token when its valuation shot up to $2,861 per coin. Squid crypto coin, which promoted itself as a “play-to-procure cryptocurrency”, had seen its cost take off – flooding by a huge number of percent.

What happened after the squid crypto scam?

Squid crypto, a digital asset, started as a compensation-to-play token on October 20. The holders of the coin were guaranteed that they can take part in a web-based game propelled by the Netflix show, ‘Squid Game’, which will be accessible on the organization from November.

The internet-based Squid Game permitted two gatherings of obligated individuals to play the game and dominate cash drawing on the famous TV show. Financial backers accepted they will win the Squid token as individuals win cash on the Squid Game TV show.

Before financial experts and specialists could uncover the trick, the makers emptied all the liquidity out of the coin and shut the shop. By and by, a few financial experts hailed the makers of the coin had apparently rug pulled via online entertainment. It wasn’t long after this news got out and about that, it became exposed that the site SquidGame.cash was inaccessible. The worry developed solemnly when all web-based entertainment records of the business were inaccessible as well.

Loopholes that shows Squid crypto was a scam are-

  • There was no sell option in this coin. You cannot sell the coin, no matter what the price coin has reached.
  • The cryptocurrency website- SquidGame.cash looked unprofessional with various typing and grammatical errors.
  • No options to reply or comment was available on its social media platforms like twitter and Telegram.

Rug Pull- Squid Crypto creators drained liquidity from market.

According to the reports, the unknown makers of the Squid Game coin(squid crypto) sold their whole possessions quickly on Sunday, cutting down the coin’s worth to $0, a peculiarity depicted as “Rug Pull” in monetary speech.
Through the coin’s residency (roughly 11 days), the financial experts saw a pinnacle of $2,861 and an enthusiasm of 310,000 percent.

Warning signs about Squid Crypto Coin.

Driving crypto site, CoinMarketCap said it had cautioned the financial backers about the dubious ways of behaving of Squid Game coin. Moreover, the financial backers were approached to take care of any outstanding concerns and exercise alert while exchanging with this coin.

In the beyond about fourteen days, a few Technical Analysts and crypto sites likewise hailed worries about the Squid tokens.

Lesson from Squid Crypto scam, October 2021

It is very important for investors to research new token projects before investing. There were several red flags for Squid token, including the numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the project’s whitepaper and the website only being registered one month ago. Another red flag was that the token is related to a famous game based on a Netflix show. It was quite intriguing and strange that the crypto developers had no relationship with the show’s makers, and no official partnership announcements by the OTT platform, which is highly unlikely. 

The next time you invest in crypto, the most important thing to look out for isn’t necessarily the price. First, figure out whether you can sell the coin after you buy it. If you can’t sell—like the people who invested in SQUID discovered they can’t—it doesn’t matter how high the price goes, just as it doesn’t matter how large of a number unless someone writes on Monopoly bills.

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